Vaccine Awareness & Vaccination Camps
For the most needy

About VacciNet

VacciNet is a COVID Vaccination movement to reach millions of people in India, especially those at the margins of the society. VacciNet promotes:

  • Conducting Medical Camps in rural areas to provide vaccination and general health check-up
  • Training and Deploying Volunteers to create awareness on the need for vaccination
  • Educating people on the importance of getting vaccinated
  • Help people in rural areas to register at CoWin portal and to get vaccinated

VacciNet is spearheaded by the Catholic Health Association of India, supported by Billion Lives, Intent Health and Sister Doctors Forum of India.

Our Partners

How VacciNet Works

Vaccination Points

  • VacciNet engages with over 3500 health care institutions under the Catholic Health Association of India (CHAI) for nation-wide administration of the vaccine.
  • CHAI is India‚Äôs largest healthcare network, after the government, with a track record of providing affordable and compassionate care for millions across the country for over 75 years.
  • There are over 50,000 Sisters in the CHAI network, including about 1000 Sister Doctors, most of them working at the peripheries.

Vaccination Camps

The Vaccination Camps will be conducted with the support of CHAI's nationwide network and specially trained volunteers. VacciNet will centrally procure vaccine storage units and Mobile Vaccination units that can later become a rural healthcare reach out unit / ambulance.

Vaccine Education

VacciNet will use a combination of technology and rural reach out programs to educate people about the benefits of getting vaccinated.

How to engage in the VacciNet Movement


  • Make a CSR commitment to VacciNet program and sponsor vaccination camps at locations you choose.
  • Engage with VacciNet program by sponsoring ambulance / other infrastructure required to run the camps and also by supporting training and deployment of volunteers.


Donate to VacciNet program and sponsor a vaccination camp at a location of your choice.

CHAI is an NGO with 80 G, FCRA registrations that can accept CSR Funds and Donations, with tax-exemption. Other Foundations participating, can use their bank accounts to collect funds for the movement.

What members of VacciNet can expect


VacciNet program will be managed using an impact management software product, ImWorks, which will help the donors to view fund utilization and also download reports of the overall program for CSR and other reporting.

Impact Management

Measure and demonstrate the social impact of the donation in medium term and long term.

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